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Landscape & Flora

Most of my paintings reflect memories of spending time with my family. We enjoyed taking our children to National Parks for example. I love taking photos and often was the last one out of the rainforest as the sun was setting. While on holidays in Tasmania I was amazed with the beauty of the tree ferns and snow gum trees, this is where I got my inspiration for some of these paintings.

Recently when I went to the botanical gardens, I came across the bird of paradise flowers. I especially love the white ones Strelitzia nicolai and have now started a few paintings of these.



My inspiration has always come from nature and the Great Barrier Reef is my passion. This passion sparked during my honeymoon in Mission Beach and during tours out to the reef. Snorkelling around the coral was amazing, there was so much life, colour, movement and the different textures of the coral. My favourite is the fan coral which is why it’s in so many of my paintings. 

Enchanted Blooms Series

The inspiration for these painting came from visiting botanical gardens with my children when they were young. There were 2 lakes filled with lotus flowers and I took hundreds of photos at different times of the day. I was amazed that the leaves, pods and flowers they follow the sun. Lotus flowers represent how I want my life to be, happy, joyous and always growing. The lotus flower unfolds and opens up to beauty, purity and peace.

The lotus flowers along Ross River, in Townsville, North Queensland is where I got my inspiration for Enchanted River Blooms. I used to go for walks along the river and the late afternoon sun shining on the lotus pods was so beautiful. The colours were amazing, pinks, purples and blue tinged greens really popped in the late afternoon sun. Most of the flowers and lotus pods are done on fine delicate paper, one looks like lace and the other has gold flecks through it. On these papers I have done delicate drawings, painted them in watercolour and then collaged onto the main painting.

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